Sep 29, 2009

William Henry and the Lost Symbol -- Updated

Now that Mercury has gone direct, I'm hoping some of the comm issues will be leveling out. Nearly two months after moving, I finally have a decent, broadband connection again. So, I've been catching up my YouTubes. A lot of great stuff was posted during my unintentional, internet hiatus, including a brand new interview with William Henry, on the hidden symbolism in the US Capitol. I wrote a bit about this here. In this interview, Henry goes into a bit more detail on the symbolism of the dome, its connection to the sacred geometry of Metatron's cube, and the critical importance of the pineal gland. He also discusses Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol, and its parallels to his own journey of discovery with this sacred architecture.

Update: I just stumbled on this radio interview with William Henry discussing his theories on the Capitol, in more depth. He offers some good background on how Constantino Brumidi came to paint the "Apotheosis of George Washington" in the dome, and what arcane symbolism underlies it. He also speculates on the what principles from the Gnostics and Western Alchemy may have shaped the vision of the founding fathers.

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