Sep 30, 2015

CNN: Warren Jeffs Molested His Children

DVR Alert: Tonight on "This is Life," Lisa Ling interviews two of Warren Jeffs's children. Both claim that he molested them when they were children. Charges of sexual abuse are not new for Jeffs, who is currently incarcerated in Texas for taking child brides and molesting them as well. Testifying in that trial were his niece, nephew, and a third woman, all of whom claim to have been molested by the man who inherited the leadership his church community.

It's quite clear that Warren Jeffs is a serial predator, whose sexual compulsions made a large cult that spans several states and parts of Canada into his hunting ground. I won't say I'm looking forward to watching Ling's coverage this evening, but I think it's must viewing for anyone who has been watching this horrible tragedy unfold for lo these many years.

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Sep 27, 2015

Blood Moon, Super Moon

 photo bloodtreemoon_zpsapap9pzg.jpg

Tonight we will be getting quite a light show, as a rare astronomical event unfolds.

This coming Sunday night (September 27), observers around the world are set to be in for a treat as two celestial events combine. In a rare occurrence, the Moon will reach its closest point to Earth (known as a supermoon) at the same time as it undergoes an eclipse, the first such alignment since 1982 – and the last until 2033.

During the event, when the Sun will be directly behind us in respect to the Moon, the lunar surface will appear a deep red color. Lunar eclipses are fairly common, with 16 occurring this century already, but only five supermoon eclipses have taken place since 1900.

It will be best seen at every longitude from the U.S. to Europe, encompassing Central and South America, the U.K. and Africa. Observers in western Asia and Alaska will have a lesser view. Check out this map at to see the best locations.