Oct 27, 2008

Random Thoughts on Karen Bishop

Twilight on the Western Plains

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So, this morning, I opened my email and saw that the latest energy alert from Karen Bishop is entitled "Your Last Energy Alert." I progressed immediately to the first stage of grief: Denial. No, she doesn't mean the "last" energy alert. It's just some clever play on words that will become clear when I actually read the thing. Nope. She's really signing off. What followed was not so much anger (second stage), as a desire to run around the room screaming like my head was on fire. I restrained the impulse, in deference to the emotional well-being of my cats. I admit it. I've really come to depend on these updates. They're a reality check in a surreal world.

I first became aware of Karen Bishop and her wonderful service through a client. She'd forwarded me an alert she had received from someone else. This was several years ago, and I only wish I'd discovered her site earlier. Like many lightworkers, I had been experiencing a number of the symptoms on her list, and feeling pitched and tossed on the waves of a rapidly shifting reality. What she wrote affirmed so many of my perceptions about the vicissitudes of the collective unconscious, and provided a context for the emotional and physical symptoms that had me on a roller-coaster.

I've lost track of how many clients I've directed to Bishop's site, since then. So many of them have been experiencing the symptoms and turbulence of the rapid, spiritual acceleration that characterizes this time; the anxiety and mood swings, the disturbed sleep patterns, the inexplicable weight gain, the loss of personal identity and sense of place, the sudden inability to be in crowds or other social situations that were once enjoyable... The list goes on. And, those who have been experiencing these things can write chapter and verse about how disruptive these changes have been. There is just something so calming about learning that this is part of a much larger, shared experience, and that it isn't because we're doing something "wrong." Because, let's face it, there is a lot of shaming of dark emotions and physical health challenges in the new age arena, and a lot of pressure to stay "positive." Having these very uncomfortable experiences validated as part of a natural unfolding has, I'm sure, brought welcome relief to many of Bishop's readers.

This alert is no exception. Bishop hits the nail on the head, once again.

Coughing spells, intestinal distress, heart palpitations, and insomnia are also signs of preparation for the new as we release more of the older and denser energies within us. One interesting symptom of ascension is the inability to spell things correctly or write an appropriate sentence. It can be common to superimpose letters as well. As one with a history of perfect spelling and grammar, this has been an interesting experience for me, and has grown increasingly worse. I choose to believe that the message is what is truly important and have really let go of the perfection of it all, so I don’t bother with an editor as well. It simply does not matter anymore and is a place I can no longer go.

This ties in as well with that old familiar memory loss when trying to have a conversation. We are moving into states where energy is all there is. Little details do not matter at this stage. It is the feeling and the energy of anything that is all that is left.

How in the world do we survive when our brains no longer function? We just do. There is a higher part of us, or our souls, who navigate through it all. We are simply losing much of our old 3D selves.

Hear, hear, on the respiratory and digestive thing. I keep wondering if I've suddenly become asthmatic. Spelling and grammar? Check. I'm trying to let go of my perfectionism, too. Very hard with an English degree and a one-time career in book publishing. I've been making errors so strange, I'm dumbfounded when I reread them. But, where the loss of 3D has really been hitting me is in my sense of time. It's gone. I feel like I'm kind of floating, and periodically I get a slap from somewhere that reminds me it's time to pay a bill or some other annoying real world concern. My connection to the temporal is constantly eroding. I'd be lost without my Google Calendar and email reminders.

But, I think I understand why Bishop is abruptly shifting her direction. We are in the midst of an incredible transition. We've passed the tipping point. We've left normal, folks, and do, indeed, live in "interesting times." And, for now, we'll have to navigate them without the frequent, calming, reassurances of Karen Bishop.

Karen Bishop's newest book Stepping Into the New Reality is now available in the bookstore.


Anonymous said...

It was so good to read that someone else was also rather saddened by the farewell of the latest energy alerts. I too was relieved whenever I would receive an email from the What's Up on Planet Earth website....as each time I would be experiencing one or more of the symptoms and Karen's alert would put me at ease.... where does one get confirmation now? especially for one who is sensitive and intuitive....


LaVaughn said...

Hi Gabriella,

I'm with ya. As far as where to go, it helps to confer with other lightworkers and compare notes on what we're experiencing. That's what I did before I learned of her alerts. You're always welcome to confer with us over at the community site, Celestial Reflections.

Anonymous said...

Hi lavaughn

Thanks for your response... Do you know of any "authentic" light workers in Toronto? I recently moved back to Toronto from Yellowknife, NT, and have sort of lost touch...

I feel there is a different sort of energy that is taking place recently and the warmth of the glow is not always easy to find...


LaVaughn said...

Hi Gabriella,

Unfortunately, I don't know much about Canada, except as a tourist. But, if you're talking about the overall energy climate, of late, it's ... umm... thick. I noticed several shifts leading up to the election, and a pronounced shift immediately following the election. At least here in the US, everything feels dense and tiring. There is an intense purging, and a lot of emotional churning. I'm finding it all very exhausting. I think we're in a powerful release cycle.

Best of luck in finding the supports you need.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response.... I opened my email just now as I didn't have internet access except through my neighborhood starbucks yesterday and much to my amazement Karen Bishop had posted a new insert.... She will be adding more inserts in the near future... The confirmation by yourself and Karen that the times and transitions that are occurring now are rather saddening....

Thanks for your light...


Anonymous said...

Regarding the writings and ideas that Karen has graciously given us... yes, it is a work in progress, and there is "Work" involved with it. It is still important to know, believe, and understand that the pseudo-will we may often give into is NOT our own: referring to the times we might feel badly in certain situations, or act outside of the parameters of accord with others. I do it myself, and when i do, i feel as though I've just been pressed into something i don't want to do. Still in all, I have done it, and no one can lay claim to these actions beside me; certainly nothing outside myself.

This "Will" that I speak of, actually IS our own will, in a greater sense. As giving into a will other than the one that resolves our true selves is giving into something that limits rather than expands our resolve to be (and yes do) the right things to enhance our life, experience, ascendancy, etc.

When I "Give into" that "Other Will", i know right away I've done it, and there's NO one in the world, or no consoling words that will take away the fact that I've decided to give into something less than my full self, or being. So, yes, this IS a "Work" in progress, and a challenge, indeed, and we need all to keep vigilant. Yes, at times it will stir great feelings of guilt which equates with pain; a birthing period that will hopefully result in the wonderful fruit we are bearing.

Bless us all, please, in our endeavors, because this is hard as can be. It IS work, and it does still take good old fashioned patience, virtue, and our own higher sense of "Will".

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who wrote at 5:11 pm...

I just read your insights about "this will" and the great amount of work that is yet to be done... I am a little unsure if the signed anonymous is from LaVaughn or another anonymous... I have ironically signed as anonymous due to not being able to sign is a blogger yet as you can see I do sign my name at the end which is Gabriella... Ìn your insert `you speak of Guilt when we give over to others... I am curious about this... I am also wondering if anyone feels a certain heaviness and pressure or constraint this New Year`s Eve almost as though it is hard to take a deep breath and just be. I feel as though there is an energetic shift occurring which is not comfortable...almost as though a new reality or dimension is just to break through... I am the only one who feels this...

Happy New Year,


Anonymous said...

karen bishop is still writing......


now called wings

Anonymous said...

I am writing this from London, and I was also sent Karen's weblink in October last year.

Without her constant reassurance about these extraordinary physical, emotional and spiritual experiences I am going through, I believe I would have gone to a psychiatrist. I thought I was losing my mind (have always prided myself on such excellence in everything I do). My perfectionism has dwindled, my razor-sharp mind has slowed up, I have crashing fatigue where I have to lie in bed all day; no desire to cook or do anything except float in my thoughts and read poetry, and be really feminine. I just don't care anymore - am I dead? Single mum for 14 years, massively challenging life , etc. 30 house moves. I just can't take it anymore, and I don't care. I want to be pure, and light and fluffy and forget the entire past. My ego has been squeltched into non-existence, and I don't care.

Don't know what to wear (have a beautiful wardrobe); don't want to drive (have a beautiful car);don't want any responsbilities (have family); don't recognise who I am in the mirror.

I have been researching symptoms for menopause (particularly memory-loss) as I am 52. But I don't think it's that because I sense it is a massive energy shift. Ihave a energy healer friend who is going throught the same thing and she needed healing from her own students! She thinks it is great!

I think Flower Essences or any Energy/Vibrational Healing Modalities can help us as we shift..

Anonymous in London July 2009

Anonymous said...

Oh - I forgot to mention the question of identity!

Last Sunday afternoon - very quiet and peaceful - we were reading on the sofa when an almighty crash came from upstairs in the house. So loud, I thought a wall had fallen in.

My son went up to investigate and came down and rold me my large glass vanity mirror in my little private bathroom had 'simply' crashed off the shelf (although wedged underneath the shelf's lip) and splintered in entirety onto the floor. It did not seem physically possible the way it fell, not why.

A few days beforehand, I missplaced a family ring that we all wear indicating our family heritage. I have worn this for most of my adult life. I still have not found it, and I don't care either.

There is no doubt that this has all to do with previous identification with form, structure and self-image.

Dear God, please can we see some light??!! Karen wrote again yesterday with only a 4 day gap between alerts because there has been a change in plan so much has happened since the Summer Solstice and re the departure of Michael Jackson.

Be well, all dear Lightworkers. We will get there soon!

London 30th July 2009