Oct 25, 2008

How 'Bout That Stock Market, Huh?

Tarot: 10 La Roue de Fortune, The Wheel of Fortune

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So... this week was pretty bad. I had a feeling it would be, and it was affirmed for me, last week, by Denise Siegel at Astrology and Psychic Predictions that it would really start to hit the fan at this time. Why? For starters, a Saturn return. (Yuck.)

The last time we had a Saturn return for the Dow was the late 1970s when we were in the midst of a very bad recession. Add this to the mix of the Pluto aspect and all the hanky panky wall street has gotten into and we’re in for some serious trouble. We will see the exact degree of Saturn’s return starting at the end of this month. So don’t get lulled into a sense of complacency just yet. If you have any anxiety about investing, the smallest inkling or hunch. TRUST YOURSELF!!!! And sell when your intuition tells you to do so. We have a little bit of time, the end of this week should still be OK. But we will start to see more craziness by the end of the third week of October. So BE WARNED.

More predictions in a moment, but first, may I say that Friday was one of the more energetically strange days I've experienced in a while. All week, I thought it would hit the fan on Friday. I had a feeling that Thursday the Dow would end up about even, or a little up, which it did. But, when I looked ahead to Friday, it looked like a tangled ball of thread; just charged emotion and chaos. The stock market actually didn't go as low as I thought it might, but the mood is every bit as bad I imagined. How to put this... I feel like it was a time of shattered illusions. The bubble of denial is finally bursting. Nothing could be more emblematic of this than Alan Greenspan's confession on Thursday, that he had made a mistake. For an Atlas Shrugged clutching, true believer, like Greenspan, that had to hurt. And, it represents a seismic shift in collective awareness. We saw the fall-out all day Friday, as talk about a global recession suddenly became very pragmatic, and the markets acted accordingly.

Time Monk George Ure picks up the disillusionment thread, in his Friday entry.

But yes, if you listen closely today, you should be able to hear the doors of Economic Hell creaking open today another notch; sorta like the first jarring open that happened in our scheduled October 6-8 timeframe with Iceland's face plant October 7-9th being the highlight there.

What seems to be driving things today are a combination of CDS concerns, falling earnings (duh), falling employment prospects (duh too) and the admission from a lot of company earnings reports that they don't see a turnaround in this mess until 2010. Sounds like everyone's coming down with Ure's Disease...the onset of sudden sobriety and and realization that there really may be nowhere to hide...

There is a lot more in Ure's write up, including a lot of technical jargon that goes way over my head. For anyone who is seriously playing the markets, I'd give it a look. Bear in mind that the Time Monks' bread and butter is financial consulting. Concerns about a potential "lockdown" that comes up in their "model space" could be particularly challenging. Could be a lockdown of the stock market; or even credit lockdown. Life without credit cards? Are you ready? My business certainly isn't.

But, back to the markets. Beyond the Saturn return, Denise sees some really serious astrological challenges that will go on for a while. And, she has some troubling insight into how it will impact the economy overall. I'm afraid we really are looking at the "summer of hell" the Time Monks refer to.

Looking at the Dow’s chart we’ll see the start of a downward spiral happening more behind the scenes (like it has been) then in our faces. But once Pluto crosses the ascendant in late January 09, we will really see the effects of what has been happening. Right now this Pluto aspect is going through the 12th house and although we’re seeing it, we’re not really seeing it yet. It’s not clear what all of this means and there is a lot of illusion and delusion about the stock market. But come late January we are going to be smacked in the face and it will directly start effecting us.

My intuition is that we will see a many more companies go under, a lot more job loss/unemployment, a significant hit for retail stores — many of them will go out of business, and so many other companies are going to fall. We will also start to see a sharp rise in homelessness.

There are a lot of factors at play here. In the US Constitution’s chart Pluto will be crossing the 7th house around March of 09, making our allies more vulnerable to economic turbulence than they have already felt. But around the same time Pluto makes the horrible aspect to the Dow it also inconjuncts Uranus in the second house of work, which makes me feel there will be a tie in to major job losses, and it will be sudden, out of the blue — so some industries that seem invulnerable right now will get hit. Pluto is also squaring the US Constitution’s part of fortune in Libra in the 4th house, again causing turbulence in the housing market. More people will loose their homes, and right now we are seeing a credit freeze in that area, this aspect will get worse in late November and into December.

This whole thing is a giant mess. The more I look at all the charts the crazier it looks. Also Uranus will make an exact conjunction to the natal US Constitution’s chart’s Mercury which rules the 4th house. I worry a bit about another terrorist attack during this time period (March of 09). We are really in for some strange times.

Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

-- Langston Hughes

Addendum: I should add that I started having dizzy spells a couple of hours ago. It tends to happen when there are major shifts in the collective consciousness, which as I said, I've been feeling more generally. But, it can manifest in some of that lovely "terra activity." Hope not.

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