The skeletal system is the foundation of the physical body. Many people have a misshapen skeleton due to trauma from their own birth process and other factors. If the skeleton is out of alignment, the muscles and internal organs are in a state of continual stress. The Sandlin Technique is a complete and holistic bodywork paradigm that releases the skeletal structure so that it can move more freely and be an aligned structure to hold the muscles and organs in their natural places.

The context of the Sandlin Technique embraces the whole journey of the human being, spiritual, mental, and emotional, as it reveals itself in the physical body. It effects rapid, painless, and permanent shifts from the first session.

Virginia Sandlin was born a seventh generation Cherokee Mystic and like her grandmother before her, the knowledge of this remarkable healing paradigm was passed on to her. I am thrilled to be one of the very first people outside of this specific lineage to be taught and certified in this modality.

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