Your future is your own
to shape and mold as you desire.
I, as a Psychic, see only potentials which
you must bring into creation or transform.
Trust your internal wisdom above all else.
Any teacher, however wise,
can give you only questions.
You provide the answers according
to your own truth.

~ LaVaughn

If you read the statement at the top of this page, you have probably already surmised that my approach to psychic readings is a little different from many of my colleagues and from a commonly held perception of psychics as "fortune tellers." To me, the future is not a fixed entity. We are constantly creating our future through our present choices. I can often see multiple futures lying in potentia. If this were not the case, what would be the point of getting a psychic reading? What good is knowing the future if you are powerless to affect it? In my opinion a psychic reading is effective if it assists you in the mastery of your life so that you can shape a more satisfying future.

In a reading I utilize my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic abilities to lovingly guide my clients through a process of acknowledging and honoring where they are in the present and provide tools to gently move them to the next level. To accomplish this I may see, hear or feel:

  • dynamics of their personal and/or professional relationships
  • significant details about people in their environment
  • elements of their past life history
  • messages from loved ones who have crossed
  • information from their angels and other spirit guides
  • visions of their future possibilities
  • other information from their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

I also have a specific ability to merge with crystal. This means that if a client has been drawn to a particular stone, I can dialog with the crystal itself and determine why it has come into that client's life. I believe that no two crystals are the same and that they choose us, as any of our friends do, for our mutual growth and healing.

I can do psychic readings on the phone or in person.