Jul 20, 2009

Shadows and Light

Solar Eclipse

July 22, between 2:35 am Universal Time,
July 21 10:35pm Eastern, 7:35pm Pacific,
4:35pm Hawaii

We are beginning a sequence of intense astronomical events, that many are hailing as a gateway. Together with the new moon, today, there is a solar eclipse in the last degree of cancer. There is also a lunar eclipse coming up on August 6. Estaryia Venus describes the significance in an email newsletter.

Cancer is the ancient past, our soul origins. The last degree is the most ancient of all the degrees. This fusion of energy of the Sun and the Moon create a gateway of union that opens a portal for us to receive the divine light of our soul origins.

This means we recognize who we truly are. This will be more than a concept or an idea but a literal internal knowing on a cellular level.

The global shift in consciousness is upon us. As we truly awaken to who we are and our soul origins and can embody this consciousness on a cellular level there is a huge planetary wake up. It's as if humanity has been in a fog not knowing who we are and where we came from. This eclipse is the fog buster! Soon as the collective wakes up to their truth and really knows where they came from it's like a revolution on a global level. It's like getting to know your real family. It's a cleansing of the past and awakening to the truth at the same time.

Just hours after the eclipse in the last degree of cancer - accessing the portal of union and our soul - the Sun and Moon move into the sign of Leo. Leo is the sign that rules drama and playing our divine role. During the eclipse in Cancer we get the download of who we really are and then it's time to start playing the role that we are meant to be playing. I know many of you are feeling it - it's as if everything is accelerating and the breakthrough is about to happen. It's about to happen!

We are getting ready to live the role we are designed for - our divine service and role in this collective journey is about to be powerfully activated and actualized.

The sense of something major, but indefinable, "about to happen" is something I've been hearing a lot of lately, from many people.

There will be lots of group meditation, prayer, and ritual events occurring around the globe, so it's a good time to add your voice, your thoughts, and your focus to this shared experience. I know I will be doing a day of ritual here, with a friend.

For more information on the astronomical event, see here and here.

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