Mar 7, 2009

The Great Ennui Continues

Mark Rothko

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Karen Bishop posted this on Thursday. You'll note, I've only just now gotten 'round to posting any mention. That sums it up fairly well. Yawn. I don't care about anything.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, we are starting over. After enough souls residing in the lower dimensional old world, had been given enough time and opportunity to choose if they would stay behind or move on to their newer and higher vibrating reality of the next step for the whole, many of us then left for the next rung of our very new reality. When we left, we may have felt a great completion, a sense of loss of identity and purpose, and perhaps great feelings of no sense of place. We were done with a very important phase, and because this phase was completed by enough of the whole, we were most certainly done with a very important mission. This was a huge completion. Because we are very done, we are now readying to start over…to experience a grand rebirth, and some very new beginnings.

. . .

Moving into a higher vibrating reality creates common themes that are always present. Some include: A very low tolerance for lower vibrating energies and ways of being, great loneliness, memory loss, a strong feeling of no sense of place, a great dis-connect from much of everything, extreme fatigue and feelings of not wanting to do anything but rest, apathy, sleepiness, mood swings, great joy, peace, a deeper connection to Source and our souls, greater feelings of love, and a very strong awareness of what is around us.

Bishop's last couple of posts have been dead-on accurate for me. All I want to do is rest and I don't feel well rested or relaxed no matter what I do. I feel thoroughly exhausted. (Note to self: I keep meaning to burn to some benzoin, for psychic and emotional exhaustion, but I keep forgetting. Probably because I'm exhausted.) All I want to do is sleep, read, and watch movies. Most of today, you'll find me on the comfy couch with my daughter watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. The commercials will drive me bonkers, but, eh, what are ya gonna do. The remote is way over there.

Oh, here's a thing. Is anyone else having problems with electrical things: power fluctuations, batteries and other power sources becoming erratic, bulbs burning out like mad, electronics breaking or malfunctioning... I am. I'm also having some very strange energy surges in my body, and I don't think the two things are unrelated. Over the past couple of weeks, I keep fluctuating between being exhausted, but unable to sleep for more than a few hours at a time, and then days when I'm practically narcoleptic.

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