Feb 5, 2009

Well... This Might Explain a Few Things


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The newest Karen Bishop WINGS update is posted and, um... yeah. Actually, the selected text from the email alert nailed it down for me. It comes from The Ascension Companion.


I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S wrong with me these days. I just don't seem to care about much of anything anymore." "I seem to have lost all interest in becoming involved with the things that I used to." "I don't care what happens." If you have had any of these thoughts or feelings lately, know that they are a regular part of the ascension process and have a perfect and distinct purpose.

At times, we may feel as though we are going along, "acting" our way through our daily lives. We are simply not present, as our lives do not have the meaning that they used to. We don't seem to be in alignment with what we had created in the past. And in addition, becoming exhausted through all the trials and tribulations that ascension can bring, can make one very apathetic. We are just too darned tired to become involved with or care about much of anything. "Let the chips fall where they may," becomes our general course of action (or in-action!). "I no longer have the desire to stay on top of things."

But apathy has a gold nugget within it. Being apathetic actually places us in a higher vibrating space. It supports our continual process of letting go of attachments. When we no longer care about much of anything, we then become unentwined with much. We are then left in a space of "no space, and this is the space of the higher realms. We are then much more in the moment. When we do not care about much, we are not filling our thoughts and emotions with things that are not really "real." And we are much more out of the way.

In the new WINGS posting, she goes on to explain the current phenomenon.

Our current themes? Manifesting what we may have always wanted, finding ourselves feeling as if we have no purpose, desire, or interest in anything, feeling completely alone with absolutely no connections, anger and resentment at the past, stuck in old relationships, being extremely busy wrapping up so we can move forward, setting things up for the new, or feelings of bliss, excitement and having the beginning experiences of new connections and an amazing new beginning of freedom and joy.

What an interesting hodge podge of manifestations, but they all make sense if we know what is transpiring with our evolutionary process.

When we complete important phases of our spiritual evolutionary journey, we go to a new space. Thus, when we are “done,” we find ourselves in a space of re-booting or feeling empty and apathetic about much. Nothing excites us anymore, we may feel useless, lethargic, empty, perhaps assuming we are depressed, and our joyous states of excitement and high energy may be completely gone. This state of being is an indicator that we have completed a very important phase within ourselves and with the planet. It is very common for ascension.

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Anonymous said...

I've been feeling at the end of the road on a number of projects that I feel I can't let go of while I'm unemployed, since one needs to look busy. This post makes me feel a lot better about the apathy I'm experiencing.