Feb 17, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: Where Are We Headed?

Mike Ragogna is freaking out.

Alright, Battlestar Galactica, I can't take it anymore. So what if you are the best-executed, brightest star of all of televised sci-fi, and smarter than practically every show on television including Heroes, Lost, and 24. I can't deal with another sleepless "OMG, Adama's dead!" night, nor an "is Starbuck a cylon?" thought popping up in the middle of a job interview.

Mostly, like many of us, he's freaking out because the most brilliant show on television -- a show that doesn't even belong in the same paragraph with 24 [ahem] -- is coming to a close. The final episodes we've seen so far have been brilliant and I am optimistic that the show will go out in a manner that fulfills its promise.

Ragogna's blog on this is worth reading, not just because the fan girl in me bows to the fan boy in him, but because he presents a really credible explanation for how the new series may tie directly into the original, all be it, awful show. Not having watched much of the original or Galactica 1980, I can't speak to the accuracy of his recollection. But, as presented, it makes perfect sense. A warning: If you are not up to date on the series, so far, do NOT read this. Massive spoiler alert. But, if you're looking for a very interesting hypothesis about where we're headed, check it out.

A reminder: If you're unfamiliar with my reasons for just drooling over this show, it is all explained here.

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