Jan 19, 2009

Tonight: Sage the White House with Kate Clinton

This evening at 6:15, comic Kate Clinton will be gathering with a group at Dupont Circle for a smudging ceremony to clear the White House of Bush. If schedule or geography precludes your attendance, never fear, for time and location are simply constructs of our own great imagining. We can all participate in the collective experience of cleansing the country, and the world, of the energy dynamic that has dominated for the past eight years. Start, as you would with any smudging ceremony, by brushing the smoke of burning sage (and/or sweetgrass, lavender, cedar, frankincense, copal) through your own aura. Be willing to release the anger, resentment, and other toxic residues, that may have accumulated over the past eight years. You might need a lot of sage.

Last Friday, Kate Clinton appeared on Rachel Maddow to discuss the ceremony. The segment includes footage the Mayan shamanic ceremony that was held at Iximche in Guatemala in 2007 to clean up after Bush's visit.

For my original post on the Mayan remove all vestiges of Bush ceremony, see here.

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