Jan 7, 2009

Around the Web, Around the World -- 1/7/09

Coffee in Cup and Spoon on Saucer

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I regularly feature this round-up of upcoming web events in the Open Threads on Celestial Reflections. I decided to post this one a little wider because it's just chock-a-block. Enjoy!

Why Shamanism Now? A Practical Path to Authenticity

I am very excited to announce this new show with Christina Pratt. I have known Christina for years and experienced her shamanic work firsthand. She is easily the most grounded, knowledgeable, and accessible teacher/practioner in cross-cultural shamanism I know of. I highly recommend giving her show a listen.

What was shamanism and what is it today? Join host Christina Pratt in an exploration of what shamanism is and what it isn't. What answers do the ancients offer us for these challenging times we live in? Pratt suggests that they don't have the answers, but the means by which we could get answers that will-if acted on-change our lives. At the core of true, authentic shamanism is a live, direct, working relationship with spirit. This two-way communication characterizes a shamanic relationship with spirit and it is your birthright. You can draw comfort, guidance, clarity, inspiration, and healing directly from this relationship. And most importantly shamanism helps us to make better quality decisions-decisions that actually solve the problem at hand without creating three more, decisions that move beyond divisive politics and self-service, and finally decisions that will serve the next seven generations.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 at 2pm Pacific

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Questions? Comments? Call: 1.866.472.5795

New Karen Bishop -- WINGS for 1/5

Karen Bishop's new site, Emerging Earth Angels, has finally gone live, and is the new home of her WINGS updates.

2009. Here we are in a very new space. Leaving the old behind, as we have done so many times before, but this time, an entire reality is now behind us…not just a piece here and a piece there, but a place where we had been while we evolved and grew, expanded and connected, and stretched perhaps further than we knew was possible.

. . .

The higher we vibrate, the more we become and expect to see great care, respect, integrity, and pride utilized in all things. In this way, spending any time around organizations, individuals, and structures where no care was being taken, where things were barely functioning, and where old ways still remained, could really rock our boats.

. . .

Many of us were the original creators of this planet. In this way, we have returned with these memories intact…subconscious for some of us and very intact for others. We know what the blueprint is…we know what things are “supposed” to look like, and we know and remember at some level that we need now continue on with creating that original blueprint. Because of this, we can become frustrated and even angry when things do not remotely resemble what we remember and what we came to create. And in addition, having disrespect shown to our original and pristine creation can almost feel insulting at times. The contrast can be extreme at best, but things are about to change.

Karmacaffe Presents Linda Peck

Linda Peck is a devotee and student of Sri Dattatreya SivaBaba, also known as Baskaran Pillai, PHD. She teaches Mind-Sound Technology which was created by Dr. Baskaran Pillai to improve personality and intelligence. Learn how to increase intelligence, intuition, courage and relationships. Also joining us will be Sucharita, director of Mind-Sound Technology.

Wednesday Jan. 7,2009

5 PM Eastern Time, which is 4 Central, 3 Mountain, and
2 PM Pacific

To hear the live show or join the chatroom GO TO:

NOTE: Immediately after the live show concludes, it
will be archived and made available. Visit the site
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The call-in number for the show is: 347-215-8666

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