Dec 13, 2008

Earth Changes & Energy Shifts

Earth and Star Field

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This will be quick. I'm off to bed, but I've been meaning to post something for a while about some of the energy shifts we're experiencing currently. By "we" I mean lightworkers and sensitives, whether or not we choose define ourselves that way.

I'm calling this time period "the rewiring," because that's what I keep getting. I experienced a massive energy crash the day after the election, when, by rights, I should have been in a great mood. Since then, I've noted that a number of my clients and friends are experiencing varying degrees of exhaustion, fatigue, and overwhelm. When I asked my guides what was going on for me, personally, they showed me that I was being "rewired." A lot of us are feeling kind of like marionettes who've just had all our strings cut.

A lot of us are also experiencing a range of sensations in the head, from headaches to dizziness. This, I've been told, is also part of this restructuring of energy pathways.

I do want to devote some attention to the dizziness, however. As I've explained previously, I tend to experience an uptick in tonal vibration and sometimes dizzy spells before major earth events. For the past two days I've been having the spins. So, just an oh-so-gentle reminder that we are still in the window of the earthquake predictions from the Time Monks. Their data showed a timeframe of December 10-12, but as they say, themselves, they tend to be off by a few days. There've been a couple in the 5-6 pt range, but so far, nothing that looks like their prediction. They could have been wrong, or we may have bypassed this, but I mention it, because... well... because I've been getting the spins for two days.

I'll put it this way... When the toning in my head gets really intense or I start to have other weird physical sensations -- Katrina made my joints go all wobbly for about a week beforehand -- it is generally connected to massive shifts in the collective consciousness. Often there is a physical manifestation, like a quake or other disaster. Other times we make the shift in awareness and manage to bypass the drama. I hope it's the latter. Time Monk George Ure is also hoping they were off on this one, but you might want to pay attention to animal behavior about now.

In general, take it easy. Eating and sleeping seems to be the order of the day. Take as much time as possible to self-nurture and enjoy simple comforts. And, drink lots of water.

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