Aug 15, 2008

Perspectives on Energy Storms

Miranda, the Tempest, 1916

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In Karen Bishop's last update, "The Continuing Energies of August -- In the Eye of the Storm," we got an indication that things would get a little jagged.

But now enter the energies of August. Although a rocky road remains behind us, there will be much more smooth sailing ahead for us, if only for awhile. And know as well that in the months to come there will be immense shake-ups, much turmoil, and great change. During this time and the times to come, know that the more we remain out of the mainstream, or stay clear of what is falling, the less affected we will be. The key is to stay in our sacred spaces and provide our services from there.

. . .

On August 16th, we will experience a lunar eclipse and full moon. During this time, we will have the opportunity to experience and examine our shadow selves, what is inside of us, what our fears are, and we may feel and emptiness and rather spooky energy. It may feel that the light is temporarily gone and that we are only connected to a strange and dark space. We may not want to be alone then, and thus crave the companionship and connections to others.

I always find it ironic that whenever she writes most cheerfully of positive expansion, I feel like the cure is worse than the disease. Perhaps, I haven't mastered the whole staying clear of falling objects thing. I find this process awfully uncomfortable. (Think childbirth.) This month is incredibly intense. I don't know about you, but I'm in energetic overwhelm. My head feels all swimmy and I can't seem to get my thoughts clear. I also don't think I've ever hated the physical, 3d world, more.

Along those lines, I found a little more insight into the current "storm" from Amethyst Wildfyre.

So how do these energy storms come about? Just like with the weather - when a high and a low come together boom there’s the thunder, the lightning, the wind and rain! Energetically we have arrived at a gateway or portal where enormous amounts of highly vibrating energy is pouring into, around, over and through our planetary matrix. This high vibrational energy bumping up against the lower vibrational energies is combining to create the storm energy and it’s really shaking some things up for everyone.

If you’ve been feeling extremely sensitive lately this is not unusual, again just like you can smell, taste or feel it in the air right before a big thunderstorm, the same thing is happening with this energy storm. Of course what is also happening is a lot of old, dead, stuck, heavy energy is being vibrated by the high energy influx. As this happens we tend to experience a lot of chaotic shifts. The work is to remain grounded, centered, balanced and clear. To be the EYE of the storm so to speak. This is the place of pure power, direction, and focus.

You may notice that all around you there are people who are moving through all kinds of emotion stuff right now. This particular energy storm is heavily focused on the emotional clearing of the light bodies. Old patterns that you thought had been cleared are now up for review and for a thorough cleansing of any residual particles in the electromagnetic field that are disharmonious.

Some of the physical ramifications for those that are deep in the throes of the cleansing might be experiencing some weight gain, water retention, crying for “no” reason, sudden shifts in the emotions from calm one minute to highly charged the next. There is also alot of shifting happening in relationships, business circumstances, careers and finances. How these storms are navigated is entirely up to you!

Yes. Yes to all of the above.

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