Oct 4, 2008

A Deeper Look at the Time Monks

Eye in the Sky

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I found another interview with Time Monk Cliff on Project Camelot. I wanted to flesh out, if possible, some of the information from my previous entry on their October 7 prediction. There are some interesting morsels to chew on, below. But, the main thing seems to be the near certainty of economic collapse. Here is the overview from Project Camelot dated 3 October:

We seem to be in the initial phase of this forecast cycle. Clif has now gone on record to say that more precise ongoing analysis, exactly corroborated by his own inside information from human sources (15 and counting as of 1 October), forecasts a global business banking shutdown next week (or soon after) which then precipitates a series of events going from very bad to worse still.

It is our opinion at Project Camelot that we are witnessing a controlled demolition of the global economy: a Financial 9/11.

There is some further context on Time Monk George Ure's site Urban Survival.com:

So we look forward to the balance of this weekend and as late as Thursday/Friday of next week with a heightened state of awareness/concern/trepidation (or 'fear lite') because of predictive elements that go to the idea of:
  • A major event which could dramatically impact 2, 2.2, or 22-million Americans.
  • This 'impact' could be the range of something fairly minor like "My bank card doesn't work anymore" to a 'blinding flash from a terror attack' on US soil.
  • This latter is somewhat supported by references early in the data to 'attack on US interests" and the fact that al Qaida has a nasty habit of trying to influence outcomes of elections, such as was the case with the Spanish train bombings a few years back.
  • The 'events' of next week will linguistically be characterized by about a 20% natural disaster/earth related component, a 40'ish percent impact that will be 'military' in nature and a 40% (or higher) impact that will be 'economic' in scope.

Here are some of the highlights from Project Camelot interview with Time Monk Cliff. [All emphases mine]

C: Our information for October is part of a context that we’ve been picking up for a number of years relating to what we call “The Death of the Dollar.” We started talking publicly about “The Death of the Dollar,” I think on July 4th, 2007, but we’d actually been picking it up in the data a number of years before that.

We have a tendency to see, to find, really big events showing up years ahead of time and it takes us a while to sort through everything and really get a handle on what was going on. The closer we get to the event, the more data-points we get within our source that allows us to get a broader picture. So, at this stage, we’ve got a pointer that said we would hit a sort of an emotional plateau.

. . .

K: So what you are seeing in the future, at least in the next 5 months, linked to the October 7 economic situation, is that it’s dire now but it’s gonna be something…

C: Brutally true. OK. This weekend we’re putting up a new report that continues to refine that, because we’re getting in new data. In the market descriptors, the market section there, we’re gonna be describing it as brutally transformative.

. . .

Will we have food shortages? Sure. Will we have rationing on everything? Sure. Exactly where and when? That’s speculation at this point. But it’s actually occurring as we speak.

So, again, total fiscal meltdown. From there we drift into what some would find surreal, but this is where it actually starts to make sense to me.

K: I found a really interesting point that was recurring in some of these reports, which was talking about, in essence, what appeared to be a battle with aliens.

C: Oh sure. Yeah, we’ve got really strange stuff in there that suggests, for instance, that we’re gonna go through a summer of hell in 2009 here in the US that will precipitate a seething anger and so forth into actual bloody revolution. AmRev-2 we’re calling it. But it’ll just be part of a global wave of revolution against what we call The Powers That Be.

This is also coincident with a meta-data layer that we call Secrets Revealed, where events of revolution goes on. Certain institutions will be captured by the populace and the data will be released that’s been hidden for hundreds of years, which then starts its own set of threads and means about revolution. They’ve been duped.

And if we go forward in time through 2010, we get into the area where we’re starting to get what we call Alien Wars… information about 2011.

Now this has to be understood, that the granularity out there is very sparse. We don’t have a whole lot of details. It does appear that this is not some kind of false flag operation. It also does appear that humans are involved at many different levels, not merely at a shooting level, but also as perhaps some kind of a prize level, like, you know, we’re what everybody is fighting over, that kind of thing.

I'd like to digress for a moment and point out something that perhaps many people are not aware of, and that is the derivation of the word apocalypse.

Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil") is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today the term is often used to refer to the end of the world, which may be a shortening of the phrase apokalupsis eschaton which literally means "revelation at the end of the æon, or age".

What follows is some exploration of the time leading up to 2012. Earlier in the interview, Cliff posits that some of the data pointing to that date may be skewed because of the collective charge around that date, due, I assume, to the Mayan calendar. But, of particular interest, here, is the intervening years. I'd also like to point out that, as I said in my previous entry, I'm getting some inkling of possible pole shift associated with these changes.

K: But what you’re now saying … you’re actually saying there‘s a place that we’re at here, emotionally, that’s actually we’re gonna go down from here to 2012 -- for the next four years?

C: OK. Up / Down. You really shouldn’t phrase it that way. Just like Buckminster Fuller used to bitch at everybody, because there is no up or down on this planet. There’s only closer to the center of the Earth and further away form it. An in and out kind of approach. So let’s not use pejorative terms like up or down because that implies certain things.

However, the emotional tonalities that we’re living at the moment, especially those tonalities associated with words like normalcy and nostalgia, and all of this kind of thing, will not be seen again. From October 7th onward, we won’t recover those, as near as I can tell in my data.

And it may well be the case that, you know, those things that come along, such as the global coastal events, subsequent magnetic shifts, and perhaps even a crustal shift and the destruction of most of the population on the planet, may indeed be the reason for that.

I have to say that the biospheric degradation, and the changes in the solar system, the magnetosphere, the heliosphere, etc. etc. all tend to support the idea that the language is spitting out to us, that the bizarre days ahead are -- however inconceivable -- are basically our destiny.

I can't speak to the veracity of The History Channel, but what follows is a brief examination of the Mayan Calendar with my favorite up-talker Daniel Pinchbeck.

Of special interest here is the supposition that there may be some correlation between an upcoming alignment with the black hole in the center of the galaxy and Charles Hapgood's "crustal displacement" or "pole shift" theory.

C: So our understanding of chemtrails comes from the archetype that The Powers That Be are intensely scared and scared at all these different levels. One of the things they’re scared about is not going into an ice age. If we don’t go into an ice age, as in Lovelock’s book, Gaia is doomed to go the way of, supposedly, Venus. We get extra-hot and everybody’ll die off.

And so, usually at this particular point in our orbital permutations we get to the 100,000-year cycle and we go into a mini ice age, which cools everything down, refreshes the oceans, etc., etc., That is not occurring at this point because we’re lining up with the dark rift on the side of the galactic central, and we’re getting extra radiation coming on in, which is heating everything up. Everything from the GRBs, the solar radiation, the heliosphere radiation pouring on in, etc., is raising the temperature on all the planets, in spite of the fact that, at this point in our cycle of 100,000 years, we should be cooling down, to the betterment of the planet.

So The Powers That Be got really scared and at least at one bespoke level of their internal fear they wanted to react and change the albedo by putting up a radiation shield that would cool the planet down as though we had glaciers all over the place, as though we had gone into the ice age. They hoped to trigger it that way.

Now, there’s also all kinds of other fears buried way down deep in the archetype that goes to some really strange stuff, like they’re really afraid of the pineal gland in humans.

Hold the phone... did he say pineal gland? He gets back to this further down, but first, some examination of some of the possibilities discussed in the previous entry regarding a radical consciousness shift, possibly correlated with planetary pole shift.

K: Really? OK. There’s a lot of talk about going from the third to the fourth to the fifth dimension -- the actual Earth itself -- as a result of the transformations that are happening on the planet. Have you been getting information about that?

C: We may be. I have to be somewhat vague because, again, it’s an issue of do we have it modeled correctly? In our SpaceGoatFarts entity, we have a subset called unknown and within that we have another subset called energy, and it splits off into these various different areas.

There appears to be a whole lot of information about extra energy coming in from space. The data-sets might be reflecting major changes at levels that might go down to what we call the ESR or the Electron Spin Resonance. So, who knows what that’s gonna cause?

Would humans be able to adequately project the result of something like the change in the electron spin resonance level across the whole of the solar system if we get into some of these energetic areas, in a way that we could meaningfully pick up? I don’t know. We might be getting some hints that there’s some huge changes along that level coming up.

As for popping into the fourth dimension… the fourth density or something, we don’t have any words specifically towards that, other than we’re picking up some of those that are coming from those people that are promulgating that idea out there. We’re not picking up any of the archetypes that I would suspect should arise. It doesn’t mean that we won’t. We’re just not at this moment.

K: OK, because, for example, it seems to me that maybe an archetype symbol would be the spiral.

C: [long pause] Yeah, but that’s all tied up in the idea of the eschaton and the singularity and so on. It’d be awful hard to separate that from those previous contexts and apply it.

We do see a whole… We do see mass kinds of changes coming in at various different levels that are affecting the data at unexpected places. And they’re pointing to things like, as I say, the pineal gland.

And in this coming report we’re gonna write about fluoride because there’s gonna be a huge emotional wave building in 2009 about the damage that was done to people as a result of fluoride and its interaction with the pineal gland. And a lot of people are gonna be very, very, very upset because they will feel that something has been stolen from them. And I think that what they’re going to be feeling is that the potential or capacity for a better expression of humanity has been stolen from them, once they know certain information.

So, yes, there is some evidence that flouride interferes with the function of the pineal gland, which is particularly concerning when you consider that the pineal is barely understood, as it is. Amongst metaphysicians like myself, it is, quite simply, the third eye. The pineal gland fully opens when the kundalini rises completely up the spine and activates it. So why would this threaten the "powers that be?" According to John Lamb Lash of Metahistory.org, it is the awakened kundalini which protects us from "alien intrusion." In other words, the archons. It is this spiritual opening which enables us to see through the illusion that the Hindus call "Maya."

Here is Graham Hancock on the Rishis, or ancient sages of India. (p. 157)

What we accept without question as 'reality' the Rishis described as 'the world of form'. They claimed to have discovered that this world is not in fact real at all but rather a sinister sort of virtual reality game in which we are all players, a complex an cunning illusion capable of confusing even the most thorough empirical tests -- a mass hallucination of extraordinary depth and power designed to distract souls from the straight and narrow path of awakening which leads to immortal life. With a synchronicity that seems strange to anyone who has studied the mysteries of Central America, they named the hallucination 'Maya' and taught techniques to overcome and dispel it. Such techniques, amounting effectively to a 'science of realization', included the single-minded pursuit of spiritual knowledge, meditation, contemplation, concentration of mind through the study of mandalas and yantras, and the correct fulfilment of ritual.

So, my back of the envelope calculation of what that all means, is that what the "powers that be" are terrified of, as the world is coming apart, is human enlightenment.

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