Aug 22, 2008

Meditative Moments

Young Woman Meditating at the Beach
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There's a nifty meditation tutorial up on Beliefnet. (Hat tip to The Huffington Post.) To the authors' credit, they do not do that thing that always drove me crazy about meditation guides when I first started. You know that part, where the author says something like, "Step 4: Now, clear your mind." Like that can be done in a step.

I'm posting this because there are some really interesting observations and suggestions that I really haven't seen elsewhere. The authors take the tack that we already meditate, because we're, more or less, hardwired to do so. They proceed to offer some suggestions on how to meditate with greater intentionality and scope, including ways to use stressful events like waiting for the bus or standing on a bank line. It's all very practical, but hints at deep awareness of how to open to mystical experience. Here are some of the phrases that jumped out at me.

Meditative consciousness is no more than a shifted relationship to yourself and reality; your everyday life is already filled with many moments in which you connect with yourself in this way. You simply need to recognize that you're naturally meditative, and amplify that place inside you.

. . .

Meditation can happen any time; it is simply about dropping into yourself and into reality as it is.

. . .

Everybody has ways they switch off the worry of the mind and relax into the present moment. This is meditation. The first step to integrating this meditative awareness into your life is to acknowledge that you are already a meditative person.

. . .

There is no wrong way to access meditative awareness.

I just really enjoyed the tone of this one, so I thought I'd pass it on. I've also added a number of one of the author's books to the bookstore. I was unfamiliar with Arjuna Ardagh's work. Where have I been? I learn something new every day.

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